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A home inspection is an official assessment of the state of a house, apartment, or any other livable property. Usually, it’s carried out during the closing of a home sale, but it can also be done before a home has even been listed

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection gives a potential buyer the full picture of a house’s condition. A certified home inspector assesses the condition of a home, rather than its design features. If a home looks nice from the outside but structurally is in bad shape, the home inspection lets you know what kind of repairs are necessary.

What should I expect at a home inspection?

A home inspection should take 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the house. A home inspector will have a long list of features they’ll be required to check, starting from the very top of the house (e.g the attic and roof) right to the bottom (e.g basement). They’ll also check the structural functionings of the house, like the electrics and plumbing.

What is included in a typical home inspection?

Every certified home inspector assesses 7 major things, including the: 

Cooling and heating system

Plumbing and electrics 

Condition of roof, attic, and basement 

Walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors

Potential water damage

Signs of insect infestation 

Structural issues 

Who attends a home inspection?

Since they’re paying for it, the potential buyer can decide who attends the home inspection. If they can’t attend, the home inspector might be accompanied by their real estate agent on the buyer’s behalf.

Btw, the price of a home inspection ranges from $200- $400, depending on the size of the house.

How can I pass my home inspection?

If you’re the one selling, it’s in your best interest to pass a home inspection with flying colors, since buyers are more likely to buy a home they know is in good condition. 

Here’s how to prepare for your home inspection: 

Repair any broken windows or screens

Clean or replace air filters in your cooling or heating system

Replace light bulbs in the house

Make it easy for inspection by tidying up storage areas, or an overly cluttered basement

Trim any low-hanging trees that could damage the roof

Present receipts for any repair or maintenance services you’ve used

Keep any kids or pets out of the house during the inspection

If you have any bugs or insects, schedule a professional exterminator to treat the house